Tell me more about what you do…

Are you looking for sparkling content, punchy copy or creative translations? You’re in the right place. See below for a breakdown of the services offered at Zanjabeel Translations.


I translate French and Arabic travel marketing content into English (we’re talking website localisation, blog posts, social media posts). I’m a native British English speaker with a Masters in Translation Studies from the University of Birmingham.

Within the realm of translation, I offer the following services:

  • Translation
  • SEO translation
  • Revision
  • Proofreading
  • MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing, also sometimes called PEMT)

I do have experience in translating for other industries, particularly education, so if you’ve got other projects in mind, get in touch and we can discuss what might work best.

I don’t translate legal or medical (I promise it’s in your best interests) and I also only translate into English. This ensures that my style, vocabulary and syntax choices best reflect the audience who will be reading your text.

Content writing

For your clients to find you, they first need to know that they need you. It would be great if we could just wave a magic wand and clients just knew that you were their best choice. Sadly real life doesn’t work like that.

I offer long-form content writing (primarily blog posts) focused on the travel industry. Each piece will be well researched and carefully crafted to reflect the tone of your brand and the needs of your clients.

I can create one-off pieces or we can work to a regular calendar. It’s about finding what works for you and your brand.

Copy writing

Your clients know what they want. Now they need to know you’re their best option. This is where copywriting comes in.

Every project is different, and we might start with a review of your marketing and look at where to prioritise. Or you might just jump in for a full website makeover.

Ready to make your marketing sparkle? Arrange a chat using the contact form or email me at